etsy lollipop gift guide

Did you know it’s lollipop day!  Well now you know!  I was inspired to find these adorable lollipop finds over on Etsy.

Which is your fave?! I just love the party invitations, that would be fun for a kid’s party! My boys would love the planet lollipops.


Pink and Green Owl Lollipop Covers by SimpleTastes


Lollipop Invitations by thepaperkingdom


Flappers & Gin – Lollipop – 1920’s Gatsby Themed Wedding by TheGroovyBaker


Planet Lollipops® by Vintage Confections by VintageConfections


Swirl Lollipop PDF Cross Stitch Pattern by DailyCrossStitch


Rainbow Lollipop Necklace by FatallyFeminine


Vintage 1970’s Lollipop Wood Soda Pop Crate Case by CrateArcade


Superhero Lollipop Capes & Masks Instant Download by SIMONEmadeit


Rainbow Lollipop Sticks by thebakersconfections


Candy Digital Paper by DigitalDollface


Lollipop Necklace by CandyGraffiti


Flower Heart Lollipops by LeccareLollipops


Big Kawaii Pink and White Lollipop Decoden Cabochon by DarlingDollCharm

Continue your lollipop adventure over on Etsy here.  

If you find something cool or sell something lollipop related, feel free to share it down below in the comments.

shifting direction

transitionpictureIhaven’t been blogging for a long time.  I’ve been going through transitions, as they say, with my business (My Little Chickadee Creations, my Etsy shop).

As a quick background, I started my Etsy shop in 2009, with no intention of starting a business.  I was actually selling some of my “old” stuff from my creative business I had years ago, while loving up north.  I was selling stuff I had been moving around, in boxes, after restarting my life after a divorce in my early 30’s.


My first tile coasters

As I was going through my boxed up stuff I had found paint and blank tiles I forgot I had.  I had saved them to make coasters at some point but obviously never got to it..  So I made some coasters.  Really cute ones with an owl on it and the saying “it’s hip to be square.”  I thought “hey I’ll put those in my Etsy shop.”  I started to make some more, just for fun.  Then someone had actually bought some.  People kept asking me for certain types of designs.  I got hooked.

I had 2 little ones at home (I was doing medical transcription as my “day job.”).  Two years later I was able to leave my MT job and work my Etsy shop full time.  It was perfect, for my life then.  I could be home full time with my kids and still make money, doing something I really love.  It was a blessing.

Now it’s 2016 and I must say I’m burnt out.  I feel slightly like a machine, going through the motions.  But I’ve felt guilty for feeling this way.  My business is like my 3rd child (or 4th if you count my husband as a child, which on some days I do but I digress).

I feel off course.  I had started my blog, years ago, to help promote my business (and other small businesses) but also because I love to write.  I want to write more.  I also want to remove the stress of owning my own business and the uncertainty of income at times.  And I want to be creative in different ways, again.

So where does that bring me?  A transition.  I’m working on transitioning my business, for right now, to a part-time gig and eventually ending it.  I want to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree and work a steady job to pay the bills.

It’s not been an easy decision; I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now (usually after each holiday season, around the new year, when I’m the most exhausted after filling orders).  My husband has been wonderful to talk with about these changes; he supports me in any decision but sees how stressed I’ve become with the routine I’m currently stuck in.  I’ve cried.  I’ve prayed.  I had to let go of the thinking for a little bit before making an actual change.  I have a job interview on Monday at Barnes & Noble (my fave place to be, when not at home).


Reading Stephen King’s book “On Writing”

And I’m writing again.  Here on my blog and personally, away from any eyes, at least for now.  I’m setting my sights on new creative challenges and it feels so right.  I get butterflies because I’ve been comfortable doing the same old, same old, for a long time but that’s the’s the same and old.  I need different and new.

So I’ll be writing here more; doing some articles on running an Etsy shop.  I get asked a lot from people in person and online about advice for running a shop on Etsy and want to address some of those topics while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I want to continue to feature other small businesses (on Etsy and not) via gift guides and such.  And write a little about the local community I’m a part of here in Minnesota and as a mom of 2 boys.

I hope you will stay with me here and on social media as I change direction.  And what about you? Have you made a big change in your life? How was it?  Share you story below!

Treasury Tuesday: tic toc


Beaded kumihimo bracelet by tragSeligkeiten

I love this rick collection of beautiful time pieces and creations inspired by the clock, put together by Kerstin of tragSeligkeiten on Etsy

Thank you Kerstin for adding my clock coasters.  

Would you like a treasury you have curated featured on my blog? Either include one of my items from my Etsy shop or tag your treasury “mylittlechickadee” and if I pick your treasury I will feature one of your items in the blog post along with the treasury.

‘tic toc tic toc tic toc’ by tragseligkeiten

Watch it! 😉

Bicycle Clock – Bike Clock -…


Clock Knobs, Romantic Paris …


Hour Glass Necklace


Paris Clock Print, Black and…


Whimsy Hair Comb Set Steampu…


Pocket Watch Favor Tags – Gi…


Antique 1900s Sterling Frenc…


Personalized Clock Drink Til…


Old Westclox Big Ben-Western…


Embossed Clock Cards, Set of…


Antique Clock Key Ornate Per…


Alarm Clock Pillow


pocket watch sweet heart dre…


Vintage Copal Electric Flip …


Vintage LOT of sTeAmPuNk clo…


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The Football Fan Etsy Gift Guide


I must admit I became a football fan this past season.  Yes, I’ve watched football but just in passing, more to spend time with my husband, not because I had much interest in the sport.  My husband is a diehard Vikings fan and of course my boys are too.  This past season I was asked to join a football fantasy team with some local friends.  Oh sure, why not?  I like to try anything once.  I figured I would pick my players and be done with it.  Of course that was wrong but I had no idea what I was getting into.  In the process of figuring out what I was doing I started to fall in love with football.  I started watching games when my husband wasn’t around (that was a shock to him!).  I got competitive with my team; I didn’t do well with the fantasy team but that’s ok.  I can say I (better) understand the sport.

So with the Superbowl this weekend I thought I would first of all add Broncos and Panthers coasters to my Etsy shop and do an Etsy gift guide for you fellow football fans.

Who are you rooting for?  Or just watching for fun?


Denver Broncos Football Hat by CourtneyCrochets


Denver Football Jewelry by GridironCouture


Denver Broncos Coasters by My Little Chickadee Creations


Vintage Black Panther Statue by HipCatRetroVintage


Carolina Panthers shoes by shoesetem


Carolina Panthers Coasters by MyLittleChick


Football Cufflinks by DyNaModuo


Football Party Invitation by MaxandMaeInvites


Football snack tray by OneFinePartyTwo


Eat. Sleep. Football block wooden sign by DesignHouseDecor


Baby Football Onesie by SESstyles


Womens Game Day Sweatshirt by plumusa


Touchdown Football Banner by SwankyBurlap


Personalized Mini Football by HangerDesignCenter

Groundhog Etsy Gift Guide


Groundhogs at Minnesota Zoo

When I think of Groundhog day I think of 2 things: the movie and my mom.  If you haven’t seen the movie, see it, it’s funny.  I think it’s time for my kids to see it.

I think of my mom because I remember her telling me when she was really little (she was the youngest of 10 children) her brothers told her that her birthday was really on Groundhog day and for years she thought that was true (it’s really in October).

I’m not a big follower of what happens with Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog day but I think groundhogs are adorable.  I could watch them for hours at the Minnesota zoo.

So in honor of Groundhog Day I found a fun collection of groundhog-inspired creations over at Etsy.


Extreme Micro Groundhog by SuAmi


Groundhog Figurine by bewilderandpine


Woodchuck Mask by fAverittecreations


Groundhog Day Bib by LittleHandsBoutique


Groundhog Day alternative movie poster by ScreenClubPosters


Groundhog Shaped Pillow by ALittleWorld


Groundhog day party invitation by McBooboos


Groundhog Word Art Gift by ArtyAlphabet


Groundhog oil painting by OldiArt


Happy Groundhog Day Card by Sparkvites


Groundhog Pendant Necklace by OohLookItsARabbit

And if you haven’t seen the movie go check out that here at Amazon: Groundhog Day (Special 15th Anniversary Edition) (affiliate link)