It’s Giveaway Time!

First of all I have to say “woohoo” to the MN Vikes!!! I don’t normally get into the football games until we get to the end of the season and I was excited for this game!!

ANYWAY, moving on. . .I’m a member of the awesome HandmadeMN Etsy team and we have giveaways all the time and it’s my turn! I’m giving away a set of 4 personalized Fleur-de-Lis tile coasters. Would you like to win? I thought so! Well, click here for all the details and make sure you get entered before January 30th! Also make sure to enter Sue’s awesome giveaway too!!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! It’s actually been quite nice here (above zero!) and the sun has been out so it feels like at least 40 🙂


I’m SASsy!

Hi everyone~

Well it’s finally hump day but I had to look at a calender to know what day it was. I’ve been so confused on the day of the week because my hubby is home for the next 6 weeks because of his surgery so it feels like a really long weekend 🙂

It’s finally above zero here and sunny, feels so good! I hope it’s sunny and warm wherever you are!

I had some fun news this week with my Etsy shop. The Storque is the Etsy blog which is an excellent blog by the way, for sellers and for those who appreciate handmade. One of my owl coaster sets was included in an article called “ArzuMusa Wins the CasaSugar Decor Vote” My owl coasters were in the running for the decor vote so that was fun too.

Also I was just accepted onto the SASsy Etsy team, which is Sellers Assisting Sellers Team which I’m very proud to be a part of. I still feel quite new to Etsy in many ways but I do like to help others who are just starting out. You can view the SASsy blog here. And if you have any questions about Etsy, just let me know and I can try and help or check out the SASsy blog and you find even more resources.

Have a great day,

Lucky to be Irish

The last few days I’ve been working on Irish inspired designs, which I love to do because I’m an Irish gal myself (maiden name is McFadden) and it’s my dream to go to Ireland. I’ve always been so proud to be Irish so it’s been fun working on Irish inspired coasters. Here I am sipping some Irish Cream Coffee out of my shamrock mug on one of my new coasters.

My mom recently passed away and I’ve been slowly going through all her photos and paperwork (and I mean VERY slowly) and I found a ton of paperwork on our family history on where our family came from in Ireland so I’m excited to dig deeper into all of that. It’s still too painful to spend too much time looking through everything but I know it will get easier with time.

I’m going to work next on Irish themed trivets and magnets and a few other things. My husband is going to have surgery tomorrow so all of that will have to wait a few days (somebody’s gotta take care of the man! LOL).

Is there a symbol or a tradition that inspires you or you connect with? Leave a comment and tell me about it!


Baking up some Love Birds

Ok, that doesn’t sound good but it is in my case! 🙂 Why am I baking my tile coasters? (I’m assuming you are wondering that)…after I stamp and paint them I bake them in the oven so the heat seals in the ink/paints so the design is set into the tile (which is also not sealed) so you can get the coaster wet (or your glass can) and it will not affect the design.

The love birds (along with owls not pictured) are the finishing touches on my first wholesale order to a shop in Japan (yes, I wrote Japan!) baking up about 30 tile coasters for my first wholesale order to a shop in Japan (yes, I wrote Japan!)…I just love these little birds embracing!

So it is a new year, 2010, it feels like it just turned 2000 the other day! I think I’m starting to feel old or something, time is just flying by too quickly. Make sure you embrace your love bird (s) every day….

Ok, I’d better go finish this wholesale order and get it packaged up and onto working on some celtic themed items (I’m an Irish lass after all and St. Patrick’s will be here before you know it!). . .


. . .if you live in Japan and would like to order some adorable bird themed items, check out the Sweet Birdie Boutique’s website and if you are a retail shop that would like to carry My Little Chickadee Creations, send me an email.

oh before I forget..are you on facebook? (don’t tell anyone but I think I’m addicted to FB!)…I set up a page for My Little Chickadee Creations..stop on over…and say hi!

testing the new blog

testing the new blog out….