Irish Wedding Etsy Finds

Personalized Shamrock Coasters by My Little Chickadee Creations

My mother’s side of the family is from Ireland so I’ve always had a connection to my Irish roots (maiden name is McFadden).  I love Celtic knot designs to the Claddagh symbol.   I have a lot of designs dedicated to my Irish roots in my shop and I love checking out other Celtic finds while browsing Etsy.

I think celebrating your family heritage at your wedding is such a nice touch.  You can find some stunning Irish-inspired handmade finds on Etsy; either to use at your celebration or as a gift for that special couple.


Plantable Paper Clovers Confetti by recycledideas

Claddagh Ornament Wedding Favors by My Little Chickadee Creations

Bohemian wedding dress by LoreTree

Green and Gold Wedding Favor Lollipops by SmashCandies


Celtic Knot Irish Wedding Invitation by MalloryHopeDesign

Two Hands Diamond Ring by LuanaCoonen

Thank You Tags by PapergirlStudios

Claddagh Ring Pillow by MermaidsWhispers

St. Patrick’s Day Cake Topper by WhenitRainsPaper

Irish Wedding Invitation by BoldItalicDesign

Celtic Wedding Band by Meanglean

Celtic Wedding Dress by CELTICFUSIONDESIGN

Irish Wedding Blessing by alexandcoprintables

Wedding Guest Book by TheBestDayEverStore

Irish Claddagh Wedding Ring by OurStoneCollection

Lucky In Love Banner by FreshLemonBlossoms

rockin’ blogs

I’m taking an awesome blogging class online, Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss by Decor8, and our assignment is to share 8 blogs that rock.  I love this but it will be hard to pick just 8.  ::smile::

I have an assignment for you, please share with me your fave blogs in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for awesome blogs.

Now onto 8 blogs that rock. . .



Making It Lovely Blog by Nicole Balch

Making It Lovely: As you read Making It Lovely, an awesome design blog, you get a feel for who Nicole is by the way she writes; to me her blog is a great example of how to write in your own voice.


Heartmade Blog by Mayi Carles

Heartmade Blog: Mayi’s blog makes me smile each time I visit.  She is an illustrator, which you can tell as soon as you view her space.  I love her work and she shares it seamlessly on her blog.  I also like her use of video on her blog too.


Kind Over Matter Blog by Amanda

Kind Over Matter: I’ve been reading Amanda’s blog for years.  Her blog name captures the feel of the world she has created, a kind place to visit.  She has created a positive, uplifting space on the internet.


Little White Space by Tam

Little White Space: Tam is a fellow student in my class and I’m so glad I discovered her blog.  I love the look of her blog; she has set herself a part from others by using black and white, which really makes her blog articles/picture pop on the screen.


Eat Breathe Live Color by Zoe

Eat Breathe Color: Zoe is also in my class and as a lover of color I love how blog spotlights color.  Her blog is vibrant and you want to stay for while to be inspired.

Fullscreen capture 3172013 62650 PM

A Cup of Jo Blog by Joanna Goddard

A Cup of Jo: I’ve been reading a Cup of Jo for years.  I’ve always liked how Joanna brings her pieces of her personal life into her blog, which makes you feel, as a reader, more connected.  I like her smaller blog posts with great photos.

Fullscreen capture 3172013 62946 PM


Foodess: I love how food is captured on Foodess; the pictures are excellent and really tell the story.

Fullscreen capture 3172013 63415 PM

Following In My Shoes by Rachel

Following In My Shoes: I really like how Rachel incorporates all the hats she wears, as a mom, foodie and writer, into her blog.  I greatly enjoy her content and I appreciate how she has organized the blog, which has a lot of info.

Now, it’s your turn, please share with me your fave blogs in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for awesome blogs.

My Little Chickadee’s Blog Makeover


Handmade Get Well Card by K8 Cards

For the latter part of January I was sick with the flu.

That is one of the most difficult parts of running your own business; you really can’t call in sick and still have the business running.  I would work in my PJs and slippers for about 30 minutes at a time and then go back to bed and sleep (or try to sleep).  That’s the convenient part of working out of your home; I can work (albeit very slowly) in my PJs while sick and walk a few feet to my bed.

Anyway, I’m all better now and no one else in the family got the flu (just some coughs/colds), thank goodness.


The before picture of the My Little Chickadee’s Blog

While I was sick in bed, I had hired Sara from Moon Steam Design to give my blog a makeover.  I was going to do it myself but decided I needed help and that was ok.  I wanted to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress and that task looked just overwhelming to me.  Sara did such a great job transferring the blog and doing the new graphics.  I really wanted to clean up my blog; it felt like a messy closet that needed rearranging.

This is my first post using WordPress and I’m already in love.  There are so many more options and controls on WordPress compared to Blogger.  It was a tad confusing getting used to all the new features but that’s to be expected, especially when you’re trying to learn while still in a flu haze.

One of my biggest goals for 2013 is more meaningful blogging.  I found some blogging online classes through Alt Summit and Decor8.  I’ll let you know how those go.

Ok, I’d better publish this post.  I’ve been sitting on this post for a few days now (well not literally but you know what I mean).  Let me know if you like the new look!